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Are You Looking for Live Floor Technology From Hallco Manufacturing?

We carry live floor options for your truck from Hallco Manufacturing to take the hassle out of your unloading. Our live floors can simplify unloading compost, various grains, refuse, mulch, seed, and more.

Reasons to Upgrade to Live Floor Technology Soon:

  • Safer — With live floor technology the operator's main role is to drive the rig and to supervise the mechanical unloading. When less physical labor is required there is much less risk of injury at each unloading.

  • Faster — Our systems cut over 50% off of unloading time. Anyone who delivers goods knows how impressive this claim is.

  • Easy to Use — The live floor technology is easy to operate. If your employees can proficiently drive the rig they can learn to use the technology within a training session.

Contact us at LoadBacker today if you want to learn more about life floor technology from Hallco Manufacturing. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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