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We Offer Premium Walking Floor Technology From Keith Manufacturing

If you are searching for an innovative solution to your loading and unloading problems in Billings, MO check out the reciprocating floor technology we offer, brought to you by Keith Manufacturing.

At LoadBacker we offer official Keith Manufacturing Floor Unloading innovation. Our clients have reported 60% faster unloading time and safer work environments after upgrading to the walking floor system. The operator will never need to enter the trailer with Keith Sweep Systems because it is designed to actually clean the floor as it unloads! More operators will stay with your company when they see the investment made in increasing unloading time while decreasing their actual workload and safety risks. The Keith Sweeps Systems also reduces cross-contamination between loads. This innovative technology was designed with the user in mind, and operators are astounded at how easy their jobs have become after a walking floor upgrade.

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