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Our Moving Bulkhead With Reciprocating Floor Trailers Will Cut Down Your Unloading Times More Than You May Expect.

A moving bulk in addition to moving floor technology can turn the work that operators once dreaded into an automated job that takes less time and less physical effort. If you have been considering the upgrade, or if you have seen it in operation on another rig and are intrigued we can answer any of your questions about our systems and exactly how they work to make the whole unloading process significantly easier.

Moving floor trailers bring to mind dated conveyor belts for some people. However, the technology and innovation behind today's moving floor trailers that we offer at LoadBacker are significantly upgraded to specifically handled the loads and needs of the trucking industry. This means that small grains will not clog up the belt because it does not operate where grains or other hauled products can get into any of the mechanics. A walking floor system with a moving bulkhead gently, effectively, and quickly walks the product out of the trailer while the operator stands safely to the side near the controls.

If you run a business and hire operators to drive and deliver the product the upgrade will not only save you time (money) it may help you retain your employees. Drivers report higher job satisfaction with moving floor trailers. Employee retention of quality operators is an issue for any company and this step to upgrade your unloading system is a win-win for you and your employees when it comes to saving time, increasing safety, and increasing employee and client satisfaction. Call us to learn more. We serve Billings, MO and have equipment locations across the nation and even in other countries. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you discover the right system for your rig.

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